MSP-Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment

Each semester, ODI staff teach MSP-specific sections of leadership courses offered through the College of Education and Human Ecology. These three-credit hour courses are designed to help Morrill Scholars explore various social issues in a supportive environment with other Morrill Scholars to facilitate dialogue and build relationships.


ESHESA 2570: Team and Organizational Leadership

This three credit hour course is designed for Morrill Scholars who desire to engage in self and small-group leadership development. Scholars will explore their strengths, values, and leadership style as they connect with other Scholars. Scholars can use these tools to create a program or student organization that will allow them to make their mark at Ohio State.

ESHESA 2577: Intercultural Leadership*

This three credit hour course builds on intellectual and experiential engagement with issues of difference, diversity, social justice, and alliance building. Morrill Scholars who enroll in this course can expect to discuss various ways to lead across lines of difference.

This course is reserved for Morrill Scholars, and space is limited to 30 students each semester. Enrollment is closed, so Morrill Scholars will need to send a Course Enrollment Form from their instructor to their academic advisor to be added to this section. There are no prerequisites. Course credit counts toward requirements for Leadership Studies minor. Course enrollment forms will be emailed to all Morrill Scholars each semester that courses are offered.

*Counts as social diversity in the U.S. general education requirement.